Self-taping and acting on-camera

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Perfect your self-taped and live digital auditions!
If you want to thrive in acting on camera or on the boards, you need to master this significant shift to digital acting, by mastering self-taping and acting on-camera.  
Theater.Academy can help you get there fast, and with a deep understanding of this fundamental craft and approach.
Meet your coach

Ellen Parks is a casting director with experience that spans over a few decades.

Ellen has worked with some of the most important names in the film and TV industry, such as Martin Scorsese, Ashton Kucher, Scarlet Johansson, The Coen Brothers, and many more.

Ellen taught in some of the nation’s leading acting programs, such as NYU, SUNY, Columbia, and abroad.

Ellen Parks
We offer two coaching plans:

Single-focus: Plan #1

Price: Just $170

Double-focus: Plan #2

Price: Just $425

Learn on your own with our exclusive, newly produced, on-demand video tutorial: 

Self-taping and acting on-camera

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