Introducing Japanese Theater

A New Digital Anthology


Explore the rich, centuries-old traditions of Japanese Theater, taught by internationally acclaimed scholars
and practitioners, who have distilled the essentials into this one-of-a-kind anthology.

Anthology includes:

  • Lectures: Introduction to Noh, Kabuki and Modern theater. Divided into easy-to-follow short sections, lectures use clear visuals, videos, text and summaries to deepen your understanding.
  • Workshops: step-by-step practice of Nihon Buyō dance and Noh movement patterns (kata).
  • Interviews: with leading female Noh artists and an American director.
  • Practice Demonstrations: Leading Noh practitioners demonstrate various aspects of their artmaking: Masks, fans, chanting, music, and more.

Anthology Contributors

Chief Academic Editor: Samuel L. Leiter

  • Izumi Ashizawa – Associate Professor of Devising Theatre and Performance Art at the State University of New York Stony Brook. Ashizawa is the artistic director of Izumi Ashizawa Performance.
  • David Jortner, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Theatre Arts and the Graduate Program Director in the Department of Theatre Arts at Baylor University. His research interests are predominantly in the areas of twentieth century Japanese theater and the intersection of Japanese and American culture.
  • Samuel L. Leiter, Ph.D. – Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Theatre, Brooklyn College and the Graduate Center, CUNY. He is the author and/or editor of nearly 30 books on Japanese theatre, New York theater, the great stage directors, and Shakespeare. He also writes the blogs Theatre’s Leiter Side and Kabuki Woogie.
  • John Oglevee – performing artist and Noh practitioner. He has been studying, performing and teaching Noh chant and movement since 1996 with Omura Sadamu, Akira Matsui, and Richard Emmert. He holds a BFA from NYU and an MFA specializing in Asian performing arts from the University of Hawaii.
  • 大村華由 Omura Kayu – kotsuzumi shoulder drum player of the Ko school. She entered Tokyo University of the Arts in the noh division specializing in kotsuzumi and graduated in 2009. She teaches drumming in the Tokyo area. Her international collaborations include the English noh, Oppenheimer in Sydney, Australia , the opera-ballet-noh collaboration, Opposites-Inverse, inLondon, Komachi Revisited in Vancouver Canada in 2017 and 2018, she took part in the Theatre Nohgaku US tour of Blue Moon Over Memphis.
  • 大島衣恵 Oshima Kinue (Kita School) – Professional Shite-kata of the Kita-ryu and a member of the Nohgaku Performers Association. She began her career on stage at the age of two, performing in the noh Kuruma Tengu and has since gone on to 40+ years of career of noh.
  • 大島輝久Oshima Teruhisa (Kita School) – Kita school main role (shite) performer. Born in Fukuyama in 1976, he is a fifth generation performer of the Oshima Noh Theatre. He began performing at the age of three studying with his grandfather Hisami and father Masanobu. In 1989, he performed his first full noh, and after graduating from high school moved to Tokyo to become a full time disciple in the Kita school, studying under Kita performer Shiotsu Tetsuo.
  • Kazuko Kaya Yamazaki, Ph.D. – Founder and director of Japanese Dance World in Bremerton,Washington. She is a recipient of the 2008 Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship in the traditional/folk category.


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