Live Coaching


One-on-one live coaching with our high-caliber industry leaders’ coaches is one of the best investments you can make in your acting career.

With our coaching, you will:

Our coaches are:

Meet Our Coaches

Coaching services we offer

We offer 4 different coaching services. Click on the links below to learn more about each one of them.
Because our coaches are high-caliber working professionals, their time is very limited. Hurry up and reserve your one-on-one time slot with them!


Work on your auditions, pre-screens, long-term acting goals, and career planning. Finetune your skillset, get rid of old acting habits that hold you back, and stay active and in great shape!

BFA Applicants

Significantly boost your chances of getting into your dream acting program. Ace your entire application with personally-tailored support, or focus only on your auditions.

MFA Applicants

Get much closer to your dream MFA in acting program, with our personal acting gym. Hone your acting technique and versatility, finetune your skillset, amplify and crystallize your Artist’s voice, and prepare for your big call-back day.

Acting on camera

Master self-taping and get personal, professional feedback on your virtual auditions. Sharpen your acting skills and confidence in front of the camera. Be ahead of the digital auditions game.
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