Coaching Applicants for BFA in Acting

Special Focus Coaching Plans

  • Are you determined to become an acting student in your dream acting program?
  • Would you like to submit the best application possible and be a top candidate?
  • Do you want to be transformed into a successful actor?
  • Do you want professional, unbiased, and constructive feedback
    about your performance?
  • Do you want to crystallize and amplify your Artist’s Voice?
  • Do you want insider tips and advice about auditioning & interviewing like a pro?

If you answered yes to most of the questions above, we can help you get into your dream BFA in Acting program AND become a much stronger actor, equipped with a rich toolbox for a life as a successful actor.

Check our Special Focus Coaching Plans below, tailored especially for applicants for BFA in Acting. We offer a “full satisfaction or your money back” guarantee, as well as a free consultation meeting, so the stakes for you are low (unlike in a good drama)!

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Get personally tailored help and accomplish your goal!

Special Focus Coaching Plans


Free Consultation


  • What does the plan cover?

    • Discussing the best strategy for your application journey
    • Reviewing the fundamental aspects of your application
    • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses as an applicant
    • Recommending resources that can help you

  • Who’s it good for?
  • How much time would it take to complete the plan?

Application Kickstart

Only $249

  • What does the plan cover?

    • Overview of and insider advice on how to create a
      successful application
    • Unpacking each step of the application, and how to put your best effort forward
    • Identifying your strengths and weaknesses as an applicant
    • One-on-one questions, answers, and guidance
    • Recommending resources that can help you
    • Drafting a roadmap for your successful application

  • Who’s it good for?
  • How much time would it take to complete the plan?

Audition Feedback

Only $249

  • What does the plan cover?

    • Reviewing your monologue (performed live over zoom
      or pre-recorded)
    • Clear and constructive professional feedback
    • Guidance on how to take your monologue to the next level
    • Focused feedback on your character work, text analysis, staging choices, vocal work, and more

  • Who’s it good for?
  • How much time would it take to complete the plan?

On-camera Acting

Only $449

  • What does the plan cover?

    • Working with an experienced casting director and coach, who worked with people like Martin Scorcese and Scarlett Johanson
    • Working on TWO monologues (performed live over zoom
      or pre-recorded)
    • Clear and constructive professional feedback
    • Guidance on how to take your monologues to the next level
    • Identifying acting habits that don’t serve you
    • Finetuning and sharpening your on-camera acting skills

  • Who’s it good for?
  • How much time would it take to complete the plan?

Personal Statement

Only $849

  • What does the plan cover?

    • Determining the overall approach and major points of your
      personal statement
    • Identifying and capitalizing on your strengths and areas for growth
    • Hashing out a vocabulary that’s unique to you and your Artist’s Voice
    • Getting detailed feedback (up to five drafts), for every step of the writing process

  • Who’s it good for?
  • How much time would it take to complete the plan?

Monologue Full Prep

Only $949

  • What does the plan cover?

    • Guidance in selecting the right monologue for you
    • Complete text analysis
    • Character work
    • Rehearsing together and preparing the monologue for auditioning
    • Mocking up the final audition
    • Ongoing feedback (over zoom and by email) for every step of the work process
    • Get helpful professional tools to work on any monologue
      in the future

  • Who’s it good for?
  • How much time would it take to complete the plan?

Not sure which package is right for you? Have questions?

  • Take a look at our FAQ below
  • Click here to set up a free consultation meeting, to get all the answers you need!
  • You can also contact us by email or phone, or send us a quick message in the chat box.

What does the application process entail? How can you best prepare each part
of your application?

We have done all the research for you, added plenty of professional insider advice, and created a one of a kind guide for the application process for a BFA in Acting.

Our guide is completely free to download. Don’t miss out on our professional advice that will take your application to the next level. Our guide will help you avoid potential mistakes, and suggest how to overcome the hurdles of this process.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
If you’re not 100% satisfied, get a
full refund, even after your first session!

See Our Return Policy in Our Terms and Condition
Courses image
Courses image

On-demand Acting Courses

Afraid of performing Shakespeare? Not sure how to make professional pre-screenings? Does On-camera acting stress you? No worries,
we’ve got you covered!
We offer exclusive, newly produced, on-demand acting courses to help you prepare for winning auditions. Learn at your own pace from expert teachers who’ve taught similar courses for years at institutions like Yale, NYU, and Columbia.

Peter Francis James

Performing Shakespeare

Course Highlights :
  • Learn the key tools for acting Shakespeare
  • Boost your confidence and knowledge
  • Learn how to prepare your monologue
Taught at:

Ellen Parks

Self-taping &
on-camera acting

Course Highlights :
  • Learn the essentials of on-camera acting
  • Master the technicalities of self-taping
  • Audition digitally like a pro
Taught at:

Frequently asked questions


  • Choose the coach you want to work with.
  • Onboarding meeting with your coach and our admission specialist: getting to know you and determining your work plan.
  • Schedule all your meetings with the coach and the admissions specialist.
  • Meet with your coach and admission specialist to work on all parts of your application.
  • In between meetings, work on your own to draft the documents and prepare the monologues your application includes.
  • Get live and offline help and feedback from your coach and admission specialist.
  • Progress and complete all parts of your application.
  • Submit your winning application to your list of acting programs!
  • Attend your auditions, get callbacks, receive those coveted acceptance letters, and choose your top program!

  • Click on the coaches’ photos here above, in the carousel, to read about each coach and watch their video message.
  • Once you purchase a coaching package, you will be directed to a page where you can choose your coach. You’ll also be prompted to send your coach some info about yourself and your goals.
  • The coach you chose will email you to set up your first meeting.
  • For the rest of the process, see the answer to question #1 above.

  • Yes, and no questions asked! You could switch to a different coach if you met with the coach you chose and didn’t feel it was a good match. You can only change once, though.
  • To switch to a different coach, please email, and we’ll set you up with another coach of your choice (pending their availability)

  • The decision to accept or reject you as an applicant is only in the hands of the school you’re applying to, and we can’t influence their decision.
  • Your coach will do their best to make you a top candidate, but we can’t
    guarantee acceptance.

We’re always just an email or a phone call away! Please see our contact us page for our contact information.
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