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We offer two coaching plans:

Single – Plan #1

Price: Just $135

Triple – Plan #2

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Our acting coaching covers many different areas, among them:


  • Accelerates your process and sharpens your skills.
  • Improves your good habits and addresses the bad, rewiring your actor’s brain and body.
  • A coach will sharpen your artistic edge, hold you accountable, and help you grow and develop your craft.

Projects and roles

  • Focus on a specific role you’re working on, develop and enrich it.
  • Focus on a long-term goal, such as your next independent show.

Professional Career and
Personal Development

  • Learn how to make your moves within the industry, create a strategy, nourish your network, and work on new projects.
  • Learn from people who were once exactly in your place, and have mastered career strategizing and personal development.

Building your repertoire

  • Important especially for beginners.
  • Creating a portfolio, a gallery of monologues, varying in period and genre.
  • You need to make this gallery available and ready to be performed at any time.
  • A coach can help you work, perfect and polish these characters and monologues.
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