About Us

Mission Statement

Core Beliefs

  • We believe all theater disciplines can be successfully taught and learned online.
  • Research repeatedly shows that people today read less and watch more. We aspire to offer a new, exciting and fun way to learn, honing the advantages of video and online tools.
  • Everyone should have the opportunity to access the best quality theater education, at an affordable price, without the need to relocate geographically.

Our Goals

  • Create a single, trustworthy digital space, devoted to all theater disciplines.
  • Be the go-to online marketplace for all theater related educational content.
  • Develop and nourish a worldwide online community, devoted to various theater disciplines.
  • Diversify traditional western theater education by broadening the curriculum focus to cultures and theater practices from all around the world.

Our Audience

  • Higher Education: we offer educational content to supplement academic curriculum.
  • Practitioners: we offer special workshops for working practitioners to develop their skill set and enrich their toolbox.
  • Applicants to BFA/MFA programs: we help create a stronger and more meaningful application.
  • Personal development: anyone who wants to expand their horizons and learn about theater!
Who we are

A new pioneer startup born out of the in-person to online shift society experienced in the wake of a global pandemic.


  • Led by a team of internationally-acclaimed scholars and practitioners. For more information, look at the specific pages of the educational content we offer.

Management and office:

  • Founder: Yagil Eliraz. Originally from Israel, Yagil has almost two decades of experience as a stage director. He is a Yale School of Drama alum (2016) and a former Assistant Professor at Amherst College. www.yagileliraz.com
  • Business support: Tim Donahue
  • Web development: Atanu Sarkar
  • Video editing: Oleg Kirienko
  • Graphic design: John Belnave
  • Legal: Thomas Caraco
  • Accounting: Toni Marie Kopack
For any questions, please email us: info@theater.academy