5 Reasons to Work with an Acting Coach

Humans are made to be in connection with other people, and theater depends upon a relationship with the audience. It only follows that actors can thrive when in relationship, too. Whether applying and auditioning for acting in higher education or preparing for a big audition, connecting with a coach is crucial.

1. An acting coach simplifies your process.

Sometimes, rehearsing your own material can resemble a one-person show; you find yourself struggling to balance acting the piece, directing yourself, and dramaturging your every choice, from the material you chose to the shoes you wear. Collaborating with an acting coach is the easiest way to ensure you can focus on what you do best: simply acting. They can watch your pieces and offer intentional feedback about whether it showcases you well and help fine-tune every moment so you feel as prepared as can be. It can even minimize anxiety for the real audition by performing the piece for someone else, first! When you feel stuck in your search for new pieces that resonate with you, a coach can also suggest monologues based on their years of expertise in order to assist their actor in their hunt. By inviting this collaborator, you free yourself to be in the moment, connected and grounded to the piece.

2. An acting coach adds a pair of outside eyes to your work.

When coaching yourself alone on audition materials, you cannot always see what your face is doing or stay in the moment while constantly trying to assess your work. You may constantly get distracted by what your face is doing in the mirror and stumble on your next line, or you may wonder if where you’re choosing to look is too high or too low but cannot see for yourself. Your coach can help fine-tune these moments and even offer their own thoughts about the pieces themselves that you had not thought of before. Having a pair of outside eyes will also help you notice things you missed before or even help you select which piece shows the most of who you are! As experts in the field, they may also kindly steer you away from overdone works and offer fresh pieces to take a look at. This pair of outside eyes is unbiased and professional, offering a more formal and precise form of feedback than family, friends, and even teachers already familiar with your work.

3. An acting coach bestows wisdom… They’ve been through it before!

All of the coaches here at Theater.Academy have been through the MFA in Acting application process themselves, which is a treasure trove of lived experience they can offer to you. Having gone through it before, they can offer tips and tricks about how to navigate the process in addition to their expertise on theatre itself. As established theatre professionals with training and teaching experience from top schools in the country like Yale, Juilliard, Columbia, and more, they have years of experience to aid your preparation! Our coaches specifically come from diverse backgrounds as actors, playwrights, scholars, and directors, offering a well-rounded perspective from both sides of the table. Whether it’s a new way to interpret a line in your Shakespeare monologue or a gesture that suits your sensibilities, these coaches have so much to give!

4. An acting coach gives you a buddy in this process. With them, you won’t be alone!

Auditions can be intimidating, especially when you may not know a single person along the way. In the MFA application process or even a regular audition, the idea that everyone loves and desires the same dream can be alienating, too. When you work with an acting coach, their presence gives you another person to rely on along the way. A good acting coach will support you, encourage you, and help you get out of your head and into the love of the work instead. Doing it together means you have someone to ask for advice, fine-tune your question moments, and even reach for encouragement from! With a coach, you don’t have to do it alone. In services like our “Entire Application” or “All 3 Monologue” Coaching Plans, you’ll have a mentor, cheerleader, teacher, strategist, and problem-solver all-in-one who is on your team always!

5. An acting coach knows you and can grow you.

Every artist comes with their own unique wealth of lived experience and personal attributes. You may love Chekhov and have an affinity for stage combat, or you may know you need help with performing Shakespeare despite your love of language. An acting coach in your 1-on-1 sessions takes the time to get to know you, personally, and the willingness to see you combined with your sensibilities for yourself is the ultimate duo to communicating yourself fully and truthfully in the MFA process or at any audition. With this personalized attention, your coach identifies and capitalizes on your strengths and areas for growth. In your Personal Statement, this can look like hashing out a vocabulary that’s unique to you and amplifies your Artist’s Voice. In your audition pieces, this can be finding pieces that are not only well-written but showcase your abilities and your personality well. With them, you can get a close review of your work and clear feedback on next steps.

An acting coach is a kindness you can do to yourself in the MFA audition process and even auditions beyond! Do yourself a favor, and do not walk alone. Here at Theater.Academy, we have a roster of coaches ready to suit your individual needs, from close attention to the application process, personal statements, monologues, and more. Whether you need a Kickstart or Full Prep, we have options to suit whatever kind of coaching you most need. Visit the MFA in Acting page to find out more and schedule your free consultation today!

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